It's Mental Health Awareness Week!

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that this week (10/6-10/12) is Mental Health Awareness Week! Do you plan on doing anything out of the ordinary this week to raise awareness? The most common misconception that we mental health sufferers have about ourselves is that we're the only ones that feel the way we do. So let's show up in a big way as allies this week! And if you're someone suffering, know that you're NOT alone; not now, not ever!

One resource I love sharing with everyone, whether they struggle with mental health or not, is The Spoonie Theory, written by Christine Miserandino. It applies to so many conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, etc. Mental health conditions can be hard to explain to others when they have no frame of reference, but I think the Spoonie Theory does a great job of breaking down how some things are harder for us and thus require more energy from us, which in turn requires more time for us to charge back up.

Feel free to share more resources here, or start a discussion in the forums. That's what we need right now, this week especially: more discussions!




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