Anxious Entrepreneurs Unite! The Story Behind Husmus Social Circle.

I wanted to expand a little more on the thoughts that lead me to start this site/community.

Basically, FOMO is real- and it sucks.

"FOMO", or, "Fear Of Missing Out", is alive and well in the entrepreneur community. The thing is, for an anxious person, that's the case for ALL aspects of our lives. We WANT to be at these events, we want to do the networking, hear the tips and tricks, gain the valuable insight. We just CAN'T. And not for a lack of trying. I would risk saying that anxiety makes a person way more resourceful- you find ways to make things work, to do the things you want to do, but at your own pace. It took me twice as long to graduate with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts because little to NO colleges offer them to remote students. It took hours and hours of research and phone calls, but eventually I found a way to do it.

Flash forward to now. I see Girlboss and Create & Cultivate hyping up their workshops and events... and I want SO MUCH to be there. I know so many other entrepreneurs in similar situations must as well. There's just no way. Physically.

But what about virtually? Blizzard Entertainment hosts an event every year called Blizzcon.

"Blizzard has always provided numerous ways for users to watch panels and videos live (on mobile and, but this marks the first year the company has built an app specifically for Apple TV. " Mitchel Broussard,

That quote was from last year. We have the technology to do this, we just need to do it. Should people at home be getting all of this for free while physical participants have to pay for a ticket? Of course not. Blizzard's fix to this is the "Virtual Ticket"; you purchase it to unlock the streaming content.

Of course there will still be perks to physically being at these events that watching an online stream of it can't replicate. Swag bags, for one. (I've always wanted a swag bag!) But also the face to face connections. This is at least a start, though. A toe dip into the swimming pool, if you will.

And so, I present another tentative toe-dip in the swimming pool.

With this very site. The Husmus Social Circle.

It's at the bare bones beginning stage right now. But everything is at one point, isn't it? I plan on building it up using direct feedback from you, the members, because you're the people I'm advocating for. My goals for us are increased visibility, inclusivity, representation, and accessibility; and I think if we all work together, those are completely achievable goals! Please do let me know what you all think in the comments, or via email, or any which way you please.


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